Hi! I am Hestu

Let’s get this out of the way, I am not one for small talk. If you came to this page you probably are interested in knowing who I am and how I got to where I am today. Let’s dive in…

I come from a small city called Solo in Central Java, Indonesia. In 2014, I received a scholarship from Swedish Institute for studying Master in Child Studies in Linköping University. 

After I finished my study, I met my husband and started working in a preschool. Now I am residing in Sweden for good.


I have worked in education industry since 2008. My background is elementary school teacher. I started working as a barnskötare for getting an experience as working in a new country with new language and regulation were not easy. Then in 2018 I got an opportunity to work as a preschool teacher until now.

Working in educational industry opens my mind on seeing that everyone is special. As an educator, I have to develop an innovative learning that reach both children, parents and other staff who work with them. So that the activities are aligned with the curriculum and focused on children’s perspectives. I have worked with child centered learning since 2010. It focuses on skills and practices that enable sustainability and independent problem solving.


Passionate. Patience. Persistence. Gratitude.

These are my philosophy of life that help me getting to where I am now.


You can dive into different pages where I share my interests, blog and podcast.

My podcast is mostly in indonesian but I might upload english podcast in the future. Let’s see how it goes!

My blog has three language settings, so you can enjoy reading them accordingly.