I found yoga at 2012 and “I hate it”. But during my journey, I experience that yoga is more than physical exercise. Yoga is to unite physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (soul). So I continue practicing yoga.

I don’t have any particular style of yoga because I want to have the freedom to integrate yoga and other movement. During my practice, I move slowly because it helps me to be aware with body. So the practice becomes more functional, stress free and pleasurable.

I believe that yoga allows me to discover my 'true self' that connects to all aspects of life. When I am together with ‘me’, I can feel the movement comes from within. Moreover, yoga is also part of a laboratory to experience and deepen the journey of consciousness in the body. 

Each new style I learn, each new class I take or teach, is a part of self-discovery and self-correction. The most important aspect is to enjoy my body moves. Dance with grace. 

Yoga has been a big part of my life. Through yoga, I can communicate between myself and others. It becomes a bridge to understand that each person is special, so does yoga. Yoga is special because it reaches through different element of body and yet it unites them into motion.

Awakening the inner-self through breath and movement. Breathe to move.. Breathe to meditate.. Breathe to bring joy and through breath I received a joy. -Hestu-

I focus on teaching foundational workshop of yoga (back to basic), mainly for beginner or people who want to refresh their yoga practice.

Yoga Education

2014 : 200 hours Yoga teacher training with John Ogilvie

2015 : Barn i balans course with Anette Ljungberg

2016 : 100 hours Introduction to Embodied Flow with Anja Bergh

2017 : Embodied Anatomy with Leo Peppas

2018 : Development course with Brea Johnson

2019 : (on going) The Modern Yoga Certification Course with Brea Johnson

Other than the long courses above, I also joined some weekend/short courses that are not listed in the profile.

I always put myself as a student (both in my teaching and my personal practice). Observe, explore and enjoy.